Panormo Label:

Panormo Label

1849 Panormo Restored by Ian Watchorn:

1849 Panormo Front Panormo Side Panormo Back Panormo Front Full

Baker Machine Heads:

Panormo Baker Heads

"Louis Panormo...#2237 London 1838." Musical Instrument Collection of C.V.F., Canada

Simon Ambridge copy; 1844 Panormo from Ian Watchorn; Ian Watchorn copy; Van Lobensels copy:

Clive Titmuss copy; Gary Southwell copy; 1837 Panormo courtesy of Guitar Classics, Panormo courtesy of The Guitar Workshop, Belgium:

Panormo Under Restoration:

Front unrepaired
Back unrepaired

"Panormo Fecit"

While it is not known to what extent Louis Panormo may have been involved making Panormo labeled guitars in the workshop, it is clear that the "scripted label" Panormo's (Panormo fecit anno 18xx) co-existed with other guitars labeled "Louis Panormo, ... in the Spanish Style". It is believed by some collectors that the "Panormo Fecit" guitars were made in a workshop in greater quantity than the Louis Panormo guitars. They are certainly of a different style: painted necks, usually maple vs. Louis usually Brazilian rosewood, ladder braced vs. Louis fan braced, and a smaller body with a different shape. Here are a few examples (photos courtesy Music Treasures):

1826 "Panormo Fecit"

1828 "Panormo Fecit"

1833 "Panormo Fecit"

Here is an 1832 Louis Panormo of the same period:

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