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Please email this web site if you want to list your products for sale. This is a free service for items which are deemed "early romantic" era or style by the editor. New additions welcomed.


RE Brune is well known for written appraisals of authenticity. Vintage Guitar Pro also provides written appraisals of antique guitars from early romantic to "vintage" and modern.


The bibliography "Guitar methods 1760 - 1860" by Erik Stenstadvold Can be ordered through Amazon. This is an important resource for those interested in guitar methods of the 19th century.

"The Guitar" - books by Sinier de Ridder. Featuring research and photos of period instruments (information available on the link).

Guitars Through The Ages Guitars Through The Ages Guitars Through The Ages By James Westbrook. Features 6 original period instruments from the author's collection: ca. 1780 Baroque guitar, 1830 Gennaro Fabricatore, 1830 René François Lacôte, 1838 Louis Panormo, 1889 Antonio de Torres, 1966 Robert Bouchet. A relatively light book of just over 70 pages, 21cm square, that I read in about 2 hours. The photos are very high quality and detailed; the guitars are spectacular - especially the Fabricatore which was made for a very wealthy client, having ebony backs and sides, detailed vine inlays, mother of pearl purfling, ivory edging, etc.. The book has a general illustrated overview of classical guitar instrument history, and ends with a semi-technical description of each instrument, including measurements and X-Rays. It was also interesting to see the evolution from the Baroque predecessor through the 19th century to Torres and modern adaptations. There are not many books of this type, and it is well worth $20. Limited edition of 1,000 copies available from the author.

The Century That Shaped The Guitar The Century That Shaped The Guitar By James Westbrook. This is a superb book on the 19th century guitar, from its origins and through Torres and Tarrega. It is 180 pages and brings forth new research and information and has many high quality graphics, with a high quality print and layout. The focus is on the background of the composers and instruments used in the recording and affiliated with or owned by the museum: thus it explores details of Madame Pratten, Walter Leckie, Julian Arcas, Dionisio Aguado, and Trinidad Huerta with first-hand sources uncovered. The CD which accompanies the book is essential, as the book highlights the compositions and guitars used for the recording. The CD is reviewed on the "Recordings" section of this site. The actual photos of Aguado's guitars in a Madrid museum were but one example of the information presented. The book gives an overview of the invention and development of the 6-string guitar, and walks through the major trends. Highly recommended. Limited edition available from the author.

Stauffer & Co. Book Cover

A comprehensive study of Stauffer, with high quality photos, is available in the book "Stauffer & Co.".


Please refer to the Early Romantic Guitar Recordings and Artists page on this web site.


Colorado Case Company makes custom cases for any guitar in the USA. You will need to make detailed measurements of your guitar using their form to fill out and send in. It also helps to trace the instrument.

Giuseppe Tumiati. Luthier and case maker for 20 years, with traditional materials and methods. Giuseppe says that "After a long period of study and experimentation about new materials and modern technologies, at last I'm proud to present a brand new product: cases for *ALL* the Musical Instruments made with CARBON and FIBERGLASS. They are completely HAND MADE in ITALY."
You can find all the details at www.TrueCarbon.com
Presently directly selling to luthiers, musicians and retailers all around the world.
Skype ID: bazuligazuli

Luthier Plans

INSTRUMENTS OF CHANGE - 19th Century Guitar Plans A Canadian luthier with detailed plans available for sale.

Sheet Music

Please refer to the Early Romantic Guitar Sheet Music Vendors page on this web site.


Please refer to the Strings and Tuning of 19th Century Guitars page on this web site.


Pegheds sells mechanical pegs which can be used as a substitute for wooden friction pegs. They require a 7mm peg hole in the headstock; this works great for new instruments, especially historical replicas. Many original instruments often have a larger peg size, around 9mm, thus the 9mm pegheds are required instead. I use the Pegheds on my Kresse Lacote copy, Titmuss Terz guitar, and Hancock Torres 1888 copy, and they work and look fantastic.
Lacote Tuners by Rodgers Rodgers Tuning Machines provides replicas of Stauffer, Baker (Panormo), Lacote and other tuners, with multiple style options, as well as classical tuners. The Lacote tuners are in many ways superior to modern tuners: the gear mechanism is enclosed which looks better and also reduces exposure. The only drawback is their high cost.
Rubner tuning machines - Stauffer style Rubner Tuning Machines All Strings Nylon also provides tuners by Rubner for classical guitars and a Stauffer model tuner set.

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